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If you’re a listener looking for a Spotify Drum and Bass playlist, you’ve come to the right page.

Our main playlist features the latest and best Liquid Drum and Bass tracks, and some classics that never get old.

We also have a few other playlists you might like, like our Jungle Classics playlist. Click the button opposite (below on mobile) to add the playlist to your favourites.

DnB Playlist: Artist Submission

If you’re an artist / producer who wants to be featured on the playlist, you can apply by sending us a link to your DnB track on Spotify.

This is open to both new and established producers and placement is decided solely on the music and no other factor.

* Please note that we don’t accept payment for a place on the playlist, as this is against Spotify’s rules. 

Spotify Liquid Drum and Bass Playlist Requirements

1. Track must be suited to the playlist (e.g. Liquid Drum and Bass).

2. Track must be on Spotify.

3. Send in your Spotify track link and a bit about yourself and what you’re trying to achieve using the contact form below.

Optional: Follow us on these Instagram accounts: @dojoaudio @peterlixmusic

Thank you for your interest in Dojo Audio.

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